Learn Policy

1. The Program fee covers the school year up to 12 months from date of payment. You may extend up to a maximum of 15 months with pro-rata extension fees.  Beyond 15 months, the student/s will be automatically dropped from the program.

2. For withdrawal / transfer request, notice must be in writing. Refund Policy will be applied as follows :



    Homeschool Global Roces reserves the right to withhold payment if notice of withdrawal is received beyond the two (2) weeks notification period.  (Reference :  DepEd policy on refund as stipulated in the 1992 Manual of Regulations for private schools, 8th Edition). 

    3. Printed materials may be returned or refunded within seven (7) days from purchase date (walk-in purchase) or after receipt of goods (online purchase).Items with defects (due to mishandling), writings and used cannot be returned or refunded.

    4. Online Learning Resources, such as BJU DLO, Ignitia, Mobymax, Stanform 10 and Labster are not included in the refund policy.  They are consided SOLD since account access credentials are released upon purchase.

    5. Discounts are granted to students with the highest deduction from fees.


    We offer two-part and five-part payment scheme options for Program Fee only.  This is applicable for enrollees based in the Philippines.

    Upon enrollment,  initial payment is required.  We also require issuance of  Post-Dated Checks (PDC) corresponding to the number of installment of the remaining Program fee.

    The check must be issued payable to WHOLEHEART LEARNING AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, INC.  indicating the installment amount due with due date on the 15th day of the following month from initial payment and every 15th day thereafter until the Program Fee is fully paid.  Write the Student’s information at the back of the check  (NAME OF STUDENT/S AND PARENTS CONTACT NUMBER)

    Returned checks should be settled immediately and will incur a penalty charge of PHP1,000.00. For every week or a fraction thereof of non-payment, a two percent (2%) surcharge will be added to the amount indicated in returned or heldcheck/s. Pleasetake note of the provisions and penalties stated in Batas Pambansa Blg. 22 regarding the making or drawing and issuance of a check without sufficient funds or credit and for other purposes.

    Privacy Policy

    1. Picture Authorization (note: You may choose to leave this box unchecked if you do not agree)

    HG may use my child/ren's photo/s captured in its various events, for marketing purposes upon my approval. Beginning School Year 2020-2021, the HG Team will formally request for this via email. I recognize that the pictures or images may be used beyond the time that our child is part of the student body, when needed.

    1. Data Privacy

    The protection of your personal and sensitive information is essential to us Homeschool Global as a homeschool service provider, we comply with all applicable data protection, DATA PRIVACY ACT OF 2012. As part of being with HG Family, who provide personal and sensitive information to Homeschool Global, you authorize and consent to the use and transfer of said information to valid and legit purposes.

    Homeschool Global also commits to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of personal data against any incidents or breaches while ensuring the protection of the fundamental rights of privacy. Homeschool Global employees are obliged to treat all information confidentially.

    III. Academic Matters

    1. I commit to read and understand the HG Parent Handbook and Student Code of Conduct..
    2. I will be actively involved in educating my child/children
    3. I will commit to teach/facilitate the required subjects and allot 2 hours a day for Preschool, 2-4 hours for Primary Grade, and 4-6 hours a day for Intermediate & High School students.
    4. I will teach the standard number of subjects diligently covering the learning competencies required by my child/children’s school of accreditation.
    5. I will do an accurate and honest recording of grades.
    6. I will cover the prescribed Bible Curriculum of Homeschool Global.

    HG welcomes and serves homeschooling families regardless of faith or religious background.

    Seeing through the years the genuine transformation in the lives of many families and students who apply biblical principles in everyday living, HG promotes Bible-based values education (EPP/GMRC/CLE) for homeschoolers as a curricular requirement by its accrediting schools. We have recommended Bible-based values education textbooks required of every student in all grade levels.

    The Bible curriculum is an integral textbook in history and values subjects across all grade levels

    and is central in all the curricular offerings of HG and all its accrediting schools (VCIS, TMA, and WCFS).

    Other values of education materials specific to the religion or belief of a homeschooling family may be included as a supplement as deemed necessary by the parent and is optional.

    Additional provisions applicable to TECH families ONLY:

    1. I will be in-charge of teaching/facilitating the education of my children with the help of an online curriculum prescribed by the Tech program my child/children is/are enrolled in.
    2. I will make sure that my child will take the regular Online BJU DLO/Moodle Exams or AOP Ignitia Unit Tests in the prescribed fashion. (Not applicable for Preschool)
    3. Submission of Requirements
    4. I will submit all grades via the Online Grading System/Grading Sheet on or before the deadline. In the event that I am unable to submit on time, I should update HG of our quarterly status. (Not Applicable for Preschool)
    5. I will ensure that my child takes the required Pre and Post Adaptive Diagnostic Tests 2 weeks after the receipt of notification. (Not Applicable for Preschool)
    6. I understand that the Report Card (Form 138)/Student Academic Report or High School Academic Report (SAR or HSAR) may be requested only upon the completion of all the requirements and at the official end of the school year. Furthermore, the official Report Card will be released in 10-15 working days upon request.
    7. Systems Requirement (APPLICABLE TO TECH FAMILIES ONLY)

    I am aware that a major part of our learning resources is accessed and done through an online learning portal. Therefore, I will ensure that our internet browser has the latest updates before logging into the portal. The systems requirements are any one the following:

    1. Google Chrome version 64 or higher (recommended for DLO)
    2. Firefox version 57 or higher
    3. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 (For users of Internet Explorer on Windows 8, DLO must be operated in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer.)
    4. Safari version 9 or higher (recommended for Ignitia)
    5. School Year Extension/ Dropping

    I understand that Homeschool Global offers a 3-month extension for those who haven’t met the target year-end date with a corresponding fee for each month of extension. Beyond this 3-month period, I understand that my child/children will be automatically dropped from the program.

    Refund policy applies.

    VII. Communication

    1. I understand that failure to communicate with my Advisor for 3 consecutive months means that my child can be dropped from the program.
    2. I understand that I should proactively inform my Advisor of our homeschooling status, and of any changes such as contact numbers, address, marital status, etc.

    VII. Target Periods

    I understand that my child’s homeschool target months for Portfolio (for Touch) and/or Grade

    submissions are as follows:



    One Grade Level Per School Year: Each student can only cover one grade level per school year. Follow the 10 weeks per quarter or 40 weeks per school year cycle.

    For TOUCH families, conveniently schedule your child's PORTFOLIO REVIEW with your Advisor on the last month of each quarter.

    For TECH BJU and ONLINE ACADEMY families, conveniently schedule your child's QUARTERLY EXAM in the last month of each quarter.

    For TLC, coordinate with your Advisor on the schedule of your child's assessment.

    Quarterly GRADES are due in the last month of the quarter.

    VIII. Full Disclosure

    1. I have given HG full disclosure of each child’s former and current school liabilities, as well as each child’s learning and developmental needs, physical and learning disability/ies (if any) which HG may use as a basis for recommending The Learning Curve (TLC) services as needed.
    2. I understand that non-compliance may result in delays, dropping of the student, additional requirements and settlement of The Learning Curve fee when applicable. Should the need arise or become apparent for my child to transfer to The Learning Curve services, I understand that this may entail additional requirements and fees. No reimbursements will apply if I decide to pull out my child.

    1. Clubs and Competition

    Clubs and Competitions My Child/Children may participate in student-led clubs, subject to parental permission. In the event that my child/children join school-based competitions, the application forms shall bear the name and address of the school of accreditationnot Homeschool Global.

    1. Accident Disclaimer

    In agreement that HG is our partner in nurturing and protecting our children, I hereby recognize the possibility of accidents that could happen inside and outside the Homeschool Global (HG) and Hubs’ vicinity and areas of control, such as outside the office, on the street, event venues, and the like.

    I understand that in the event of such accidents, HG will not be held liable, but is allowed to take necessary measures for our child’s treatment and medication, in case the venue of accident is within the premises of HG. In circumstances when I may not be reached or may not respond immediately upon notification about the incident, I allow the staff to transport our child to a medical facility for immediate treatment and prevention of grave outcomes.

    Parental presence is always required for field trips and major events. (Not Applicable for Preschool)

    1. Shared HG Resources

    All access is given by virtue of utmost trust.

    I understand that all HG shared passwords and access to resources, links, files and other resources, both paid and unpaid, will be for my child/children only and will not be shared with others.


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