Enrichment Classes Policy

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in any of the programs at The Learning Hub-Roces and partner venues, parents, guardians, and students must read and agree to the terms in this policy. This is prepared to help maintain the optimal learning environment for all students and teachers. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Enrichment Classes Roces Coordinator.



  • Students are expected to maintain good conduct and to be respectful of the learning process, the teachers, and other students in the class. Instructors and staff may impose appropriate action when necessary.
  • To maximize the learning process, students are to log in to online class on time.
  • Using of gadgets and other electronic devices for recreational purposes during the class is not allowed.
  • Students are not to chat with their classmates while the teacher is talking. Students may be requested by the teacher to put their microphones on “mute”.
  • Students are not allowed to write or draw on the shared screen of the class.
  • If a student persists in disruptive behavior, instructors and staff may impose appropriate action when necessary and speak to the student’s parents/guardian.


  • The safety of the children is our priority, thus, all Zoom meetings of classes will have passwords.
  • Links and passwords of the classes’ online meetings will only be shared with the teacher, students, students’ parents/guardians, and staff of the Roces Hub. Links, passwords, and details of the classes’ online meetings must not be shared with anyone other than the aforementioned.


  • Class fees are computed based on minimum number of slots and covers the entire duration of the program.
  • Enrollment in the classes signifies intent to join the entire class duration.
  • Child’s enrollment to the class will only be processed and finalized upon full payment of the fees.

Class Cancellations, Make-ups, and Refunds

  • If class/program is cancelled by the management for failure to reach the minimum number of students, a full (100%) refund will be given.
  • Refunds are only issued with the following provisions:
    • A written refund request is received 7 days before the start of the first day of class.
    • No refunds will be issued if written request is received less than 7 days before the first day of classes except for medical emergencies* and migration.
    • *Medical Emergencies, that are backed up with a Doctor’s certificate, are defined as a student that has a condition or sustains an injury that results in the inability to participate in an enrolled class, refunds may be processed as follows:
      Less than half of the sessions attended Php 500 processing fee + amount equivalent of sessions attended
      Half of the sessions and up attended No refund
    • A charge of Php500 processing fee.
    • The original receipt is surrendered
  • Any single class date canceled due to instructor emergency will result in a make-up class, if possible. Instructors will aim to have substitutes for a class rather than cancel, but this is not always possible. If a make-up class is not possible, a tuition refund for a single day will be given.
  • Though all classes will be conducted online, these will be suspended on holidays declared by the local government. When this is the case, make-up classes will be done. These may be done through scheduling on another day or time, extending class hours, or giving out special projects or activities.
  • There are no make-up classes for class/es missed by a student in a group class for whatever reason as class schedules have been predetermined.
  • Cancelling or rescheduling of one-on-one classes is highly discouraged. One-on-one classes will also be automatically forfeited/considered used if student does not log in for the class and is unable to inform the teacher or HG Roces before the day of the class. For one-on-one classes, only a maximum of 2 make-up sessions will be allowed, provided that the teachers were informed of the absence the day before the class and the reason is excusable. Make-up sessions should also be done within the term period. The session will be forfeited if the student fails to attend the make-up sessions within the term period. Teachers have the right to decline make-up sessions beyond their schedules at the Hub.


  • Some of the classes offered in the Learning Hub-Roces give out grades provided that the student was able to attend more than half of the number of class sessions for the term and has completed assigned tasks/projects.
  • Outputs done in the classes may be used to supplement the child’s portfolio.

Parent Observation

  • Children are encouraged to attend the classes on their own. Should a parent wish to observe, s/he has to coordinate with the class teacher.
  • Parents are encouraged to watch the online open-house/culminating activity which is usually the last session of the program and will be posted or live streamed in the Homeschool Global Roces Facebook page and/or be conducted in a video call. This is only applicable to classes that will have showcases at the end of the term.

Data Privacy

  • All data of the families will be kept confidential.
  • Parents are requested to have a Viber account and should expect to be included in a Viber group for posting of announcements regarding the specific class the child is enrolled in. Rest assured, Viber groups will be deleted after the culmination of each class.
  • Some announcements may also be sent through email and SMS.

Media Release

  • The classes may be documented and photos/screenshots of the online classes and the students may be posted on social and print media. Rest assured, no names of children or parents will be written without prior consent.


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