Any request for withdrawal and cancellation of enrollment in Touch Program, LP Classes and Tutorials must be done in writing and email to roces@homeschool.global.    Refund is applicable only on certain conditions and net of applicable surcharge and penalty, as follows:

 TOUCH PROGRAM:   If written request for withdrawal is received within one (1) week from date of enrollment, a ten (10%) percent penalty shall be deducted from payment and twenty (20%) percent penalty if within two (2) weeks.  Beyond the two (2) weeks notification period, Homeschool Global reserves the right to withhold payment.  (ref: DEPED policy on refund as stipulated in the 1992 Manual of Regulations for private schools, 8th Edition).

 LEARNING PLUS ENRICHMENT CLASSES:   A written request for withdrawal must be given strictly 7 days before the start of the class to get a full (100%) refund.  Otherwise, no refund will be given except for reason of medical emergencies (supported by medical certificate that student has a condition or sustains an injury that results to inability to participate in an enrolled class) and migration.

 If class/program is cancelled by the management for failure to reach the minimum number of students, a full (100%) refund will be given.

 TUTORIALS:     A refund may be processed when a student attended less than 50% of the number of sessions for the cycle/period.  However, no refund will be given when a student attended more than 50% of the number of sessions for the cycle/period.

Any tutorial class cancelled due to instructor emergencies will result in a make-up class.  If make-up class is not possible, a tuition fee equivalent to one-day will be refunded.

LEARNING RESOURCES:     In alignment to Republic Act No. 7394 (Consumer Act of the Philippines), an exchange or refund may be processed. Please see the following FAQs for your guidance.


       1. When am I entitled to an exchange, repair, or refund?

Under the law, you are entitled to a refund, exchange or repair if something you bought is faulty or defective and you were not aware of it at the time of purchase, does not do the job you were led to believe it would do, does not match a sample you were shown, or was not as described on the box or in an advertisement.

       2. If the defect is due to mishandling on my part, can I still return the item and demand an exchange or refund?

Unfortunately, no. The prohibition covers only hidden defects, shoddy goods, or imperfect service. You can’t also return it just because you had a change of heart.

     3. Is there a time limit within which I may return defective products?

7 days after purchase (if walk-in purchase) or after receipt of goods (if books or resources were purchased online). 

     4. Can I return defective goods without the official receipt?

Your official receipt is the best proof of purchase to get a replacement, repair or refund. You may still demand replacement or refund if you can prove that a defective item was bought from The Learning Hub Roces.


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